Armstrong Commercial Homogeneous Sheet Vinyl

The Armstrong Flooring collection of homogeneous vinyl floor covering includes a wide selection of chip designs, marbled and directional patterns and colours. Thanks to its versatility and many benefits, it can be used in almost any application. The majority of Armstrong Flooring's Homogenous sheet ranges are also proudly manufactured in Australia.

Reasons to Specify Homogeneous Sheet

  • The colours in Armstrong's Homogenous Sheet ranges are influenced by Australian Design industry research and product development.
  • Armstrong's Homogenous Sheet ranges complement each other perfectly, allowing you to mix and match in various areas.
  • Other than Medintone, all of Armstrong's Homogenous Sheet Ranges are proudly Australian Made in their Manufacturing Plant in Braeside, Victoria.



Natralis™ reflects the unique beauty found in the landscapes and animals of Australia, inspired by our home in Braeside, Victoria. 



Harnessing the properties of cultured diamonds, our Diamond10™ technology results in a flooring solution that is simply unmatched. This industry-leading protection is the preferred choice for architects, interior designers and contractors wishing to combine aesthetics with reliable performance. Scoring a perfect 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, Diamond10™ technology stands up to soiling, staining and scratching.

Armstrong Flooring offer ColourArt™ homogeneous sheet flooring in a range of beautiful colours and design concepts. Providing a fresh appearance while also assisting in wayfinding, ColourArt™ Medintone™ flooring provide an unbeatable flooring solution for healthcare and educational environments.

Accolade Plus

Australian Made ACCOLADE® PLUS is Armstrong's most durable vinyl sheet floor. Designed in a range of colours to complement your design, Accolade Plus also features both a highly accented jaspe (multi-colour chip) visual and an embossed surface texture to help hide dirt created in high traffic conditions.




Australian made AUSTRALIS® is a homogeneous sheet vinyl floor with a contemporary colour palette and bold tone on tone visual, which combines excellent durability and maintenance characteristics. Styled to blend light and shade in a multi chip visual, AUSTRALIS is especially suitable for facilities subject to high daily use.




Australian made QUANTUM® is a homogeneous sheet vinyl floor with a contemporary colour palette and unique visual, combining excellent durability and maintenance characteristics. Quantum is especially suitable for facilities subject to high daily use.




Armalon NG

Australian Made ARMALON® NG is a value engineered floor with an uncomplicated visual. This range was developed for areas requiring economical homogeneous performance, while still requiring a very durable floor covering.