Do Manag sell direct to the public?
Manag sells tools and accessories to the public, however we do not sell floorcoverings to the public. We are always happy to refer to flooring shops that can help address your needs.


Are your products Australian made?
A large portion of our products are made in Australia, with most Armstrong products being made in Melbourne. Our adhesives and floor preparation items are made in Australia as well.
What brands does Manag stock?
Manag stocks a wide range of brands, including: Armstrong floorcoverings, Ardex, Mapei, Crain tools, diplomat tools, DTA trims and extrusions and BBS Trims and extrusions. We are also part of the Intafloor network, which allows us to purchase a wide range of products. If you see an item listed on their website, feel free to enquire and we’ll endeavour to help you out wherever we can.

Dedicated Sales Team

Do Manag have a local, specialised sales team?
Manag has four members in our sales team, and are backed by industry experience and expert knowledge to help ensure the best outcome, every time.
Can I visit your warehouse to choose products before I buy?
Customers are always welcome to visit our warehouse and have a look at our stock in person.


Why get a quote over the phone?
Our experience shows the best approach for making sure a job goes smoothly is having the opportunity to speak about it with our customers. We endeavour to give our customers peace of mind when they’re planning for a job.
My quote won’t complete online? What now?
A member of our sales team will reach out to you shortly to discuss your quote with you.

Ordering online

Can I order all my product/s on this website?
Manag endeavours to have all our products available on the website. We always welcome any enquires if a product is missing from the website so that we can rectify it and give you the best service possible.
Can I call Manag if I have questions about my order?
Manag welcomes all calls to answer any questions. Someone will gladly take your call between 07:30am – 04:30pm, Monday – Friday.
Can I call Manag if I have questions about the product I want to buy?
Absolutely, Manag is always willing to offer advice regarding any of our products.
Can I visit your warehouse to select products before I buy?
Yes, customers are always welcome to visit our warehouse and view our products in person.


Do you deliver?
Whilst we do deliver, all deliveries will need to be arranged over the phone or in person so that we can discuss the requirements for your delivery.


Do you have dedicated Installers?
Manag is supply only and does not provide installation, we are happy to point you in the right direction to flooring shops that can help you, however.
Do you provide installation instructions?
Most of our flooring products include instructions, or the manufacturer has instructions available on their website.


Can I buy from Manag without an account?
Manag sells tools and flooring accessories without an account.
Can I establish a trade account?
We are always happy to discuss the possibility of opening an account with Manag, however you will need to call to discuss it further.

Payment Methods

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept credit cards.
Do you accept cash?
Yes, we accept cash payments.
Can I pay via EFT?
Yes, we accept EFT payments.


I got my order wrong; can I return it?
We accept returns on a case-by-case basis and encourage you to bring the item in so we can discuss it further.
Something broke, can I get a refund?
We deal with broken items on a case-by-case basis, we encourage you to bring the item in so we can discuss it further


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