Director + Operations Manager

“I don't leave any stone unturned, because the last thing I want is for someone to think that I've let them down.”

Dave is a lot of things. Dedicated, hardworking, unassuming. But perhaps he was best summed up by a customer as ‘like the dude out of The Shawshank Redemption that can just get anything’. That work ethic and resourcefulness is what makes Dave so valuable at MANAG as it builds its reputation as Perth’s most trusted name in topline commercial and residential flooring solutions. As part owner, Dave takes the lessons learnt from seven years’ as Operations Manager at a large building supplies company in Welshpool to handle pretty much everything on the logistical side of the business, from inventory management, purchasing and logistics, to managing the warehouse and internal sales teams. It might sound very process driven, and it is. But you need to be agile and think outside the box, solving problems as they arise to ensure the customer gets what they need.

For Dave, this is where the company’s ‘can do’, ‘never say no’ attitude and willingness comes to the fore. He prides himself on moving product where it needs to be with minimum of fuss and cost to ensure MANAG is renowned as the place to go for flooring supplies and advice. This is made possible by the relationship building Dave puts in day to ensure the company is extremely well connected to the kind of logistics companies and suppliers that can mobilise on demand. It's how he’s able to respond to almost any favour or complaint with "Okay, I will make it happen.”

That’s the kind of guy Dave is – one hundred percent dedicated to his work to ensure no stone is left unturned. So much so that he’ll wake up in the middle of the night sending himself mental emails about what needs to be done the next day. And in all his time at MANAG, he’s not had a single day off sick. When you actually enjoy what you do, you wake up every morning excited about the day ahead – and it shows. It makes Dave more determined to build relationships with quality suppliers of internationally known brands. And it drives him to build a team of honest, relatable, hardworking people who do everything possible not to let each other down. That’s what it means to be “backed by quality”.