Universal Turbo Nozzle


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The Universal Heat Welding Nozzle can heat weld any flooring material consistently without scorching or burning the material. Used in combination with the Turbo Roller Guide you can heat weld great seams at any skill level. Benefits of the Universal Turbo Nozzle:

  • Designed to concentrate the hot air on the heat welding rod and in the center of the groove to prevent burning the flooring material
  • Build with 43 preheating jets to preheat the flooring material, melt the welding rod and fuse the two together for the strongest weld possible
  • Made to be used at any skill level without compromising the welding results
  • Used with the Turbo Roller Guide this heat welding nozzle will always stay in the groove and prevent the rod from jumping out of the groove
  • Heat weld up to 20 ft. per minute with solid results
  • You are able to set the perfect angle, pressure and heat. Just set it and forget it!

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